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If you or your clients are using Xfinity internet, you may have experienced an error message when visiting preview links – (  The provider may have blacklisted the ISP and won’t allow you to visit the sitemodify site. Luckily, this can be solved by calling Xfinity and alerting them that your router is blocking the website.

Simply call the Xfinity support channel – 1-800-266-2278, select option 4 and request to escalate your issue.

State the following: “My router blocked the website and this is a cloud based web development tool that I use for my business.”

This should result in Xfinity whitelisting, allowing you to visit the website on your network in the future.


Disabling Advanced Security

If the above does not work, you can disable advanced security to allow it.

First login to your account –

Then select “More.”

Click “My Services.”

This will bring you to the xFI Advanced Security section; from here select “Disable” toggle the blue switch off. Once this is disabled, you we will be able to visit the site without issue.


The Lottie Animations widget is a great way to add some movement to your website with high-quality animations. You can add vector quality animations to your site; either select from a large library of animations or create your own in After Effects and export them.

Note: Using Lottie Animations on mobile may decrease your PageSpeed.

To add an animation, open the Widgets tab and search for the Lottie Animations widget.


Click on the hyperlinked “LottieFiles” to bring up the library of animations.


Select the desired animation.

Note: if you select a free animation, you must include the creator’s credentials. More info here.


Locate the URL by clicking “Use this animation in <html>.”


Copy the JSON URL.


Returning to the site editor, paste this URL in the content tab of the widget.

Note: If you have an animation hosted outside of LottieFiles, simply paste the URL of the JSON file.

You can either select to “Loop animation” or “Animate on click” depending on if you want this to continually play or not.


Click the design tab to adjust the size and spacing of the widget. Use “Keep proportion” to maintain the existing proportions.


We may provide discounts to non-profit organizations, as well as educational institutions on a per case basis. Send us an email with proof of your non-profit/education status – – and we will let you know what’s available.

Note: the availability of a discount and the amount is dependent.

Although with any platform there are no guarantees they will be around forever, we don’t foresee Without Code ending, and definitely not within the near future.

In the unlikely event we went out of business, we would ensure you’re given all of your site assets, content and any code to carry on with as you wish. The code may not be ready to FTP somewhere else, however, we would provide something usable that you could work with and potentially port over to another platform.

If you have any other questions, let our team know –

You can make edits to your site right from your mobile device by simply logging into your dashboard and opening the site editor. Use the mobile version of the editor to edit text, images, buttons, photo gallery, image slider, click-to-action widgets, and links designed in your desktop site editor. Widgets that are not supported will show a “coming soon” message.

The mobile editor does not offer the same functionality as the desktop or tablet editor but gives you the option to make simple edits on the go. This ensures that your design and layout settings set up on desktop remain unaffected. For example, you will be unable to add a new page on mobile, as well as delete/unhide rows and widgets.

Clicking on the three buttons on the lower right-hand side will open up additional options.


Bypass the Mobile Editor

Note: it is recommended that you make all major edits through your desktop editor.

In an emergency situation, you may need to access the full site editor. You can do this from your phone by logging into your dashboard, opening the site editor for the relevant site and within the browser window click on the three dots to bring up your options; select “Desktop Site.”

This will load the desktop editor.


Marketplaces are a good place to promote your products outside of your own site. You can easily list products on eBay or Amazon to sell through these channels; simply choose the products from your built-in Without Code store and sync them with your eBay/Amazon store. Any changes you make in the future in the future can be managed directly from your website.

In order to integrate eBay and Amazon, the store uses the third party Codisto app. This app can be installed directly through the built-in store and includes a separate fee.


Set up Your Marketplace Account

In order to connect eBay or Amazon, set up your seller account:



Note: for any questions about setting up your accounts, please refer to eBay or Amazon instructions.


Connect Your Store

After setting up your account, you can now connect it with your built-in Without Code store.

Select the Store option from the left menu, click “All Sales Channels” and select the relevant marketplace.


Click to manage listings and this will open up the Codisto app plan options.


To find out how to finish connecting your marketplaces read Codisto’s step-by-step instructions.

You can now switch the home page of your site right from the editor. This gives you more flexibility in your design, allowing you to set a temporary home page and design a future home page within the same site. This may be useful for a Coming Soon page, a temporary campaign you want to highlight, or just a re-design of the home page.

Note: new home pages cannot be set on multi-language sites.

To set a new home page, click Pages in the left menu.


Locate the page you would like to make the home page and click the gear icon. Select “Set as home page.”


You will be prompted to enter a new URL for this new page.

Note: site links directed to the initial home page will link to the old one so ensure you update these as desired.

You can give another Without Code member access to edit the sites in your account, which is ideal for agencies with multiple designers working on a single project. If you would like to give clients limited access to edit their sites, visit our CMS doc.

Note: this feature is only available to Pro and Enterprise members.

To add a team member, locate the relevant site and click the gear icon.


Click on the Team Members tab and select “Add Team Member.”


Enter the Without Code username for the team member you would like to share the site with. Click “Add Team Member.”

Note: the user must also have a Pro or Enterprise level membership.


The shared site will feature a banner, “Team” in your account. And this will be visible in your team members account under “Shared Sites.”

You can use some simple code to override the heading line height, giving you more control.

Simply click the code button.


Select “site-theme.css.”


Scroll to the very bottom and paste the following block. Edit the pixel value as desired.

h1 *


line-height:40px !important;



Note: you can use this code for other headings.


Click Save and refresh the editor to give it a chance to load in the new style.

You can use the Quick Access tool to locate any editor function or feature quickly.

To access this, simply click the search icon in the upper menu or enter CTRL K / ⌘ K.


Enter a search term. You can then select the relevant item to initiate an action (e.g. adding a widget or page).

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