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Testing Site Speed

Page speed is critical to site performance; fast loading sites encourage users to remain on your site and make your...
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Set up Google Search Console

You can use the Google Search Console to check the indexing status and optimize the visibility of your site. This...
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Setting up Tracking Codes

You can set up tracking codes within your Architect site in order to analyze site visitor activity. This document provides...
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Connected Data

This experimental feature allows you enter content (business info, text, logos, images) into your Content Library and connect it to...
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Customized Site Navigation

You can place custom built navigation menus anywhere on your site; this allows you to create sub-level navigation in sidebars,...
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Adding Inner Rows

The inner rows feature allows you to create “rows inside rows.” This enables you to create more complex layouts and...
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In Browser Hard Refresh

If you updated your site and aren’t see the changes after refreshing your page, it is likely do to caching....
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Accessing Sitemaps

A sitemap XML file is created for every site built in Architect and consists of a list of your URLs,...
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Where to Add Custom Code

Custom code can be added to your Architect site to further customize and extend the capabilities. It’s important to know...
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Header HTML

The Header HTML allows you to add custom code to the header section either site-wide or on a single page....
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Custom Code

You can use custom code to extend Architect’s capabilities and add features. There are a few different methods for adding...
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Developer Mode

Developer Mode allows you to view/edit the HTML and CSS for the entire site. This enables you to extend Architect’s...
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SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to positively affect your organic search ranking. By making your site relevant and trustworthy,...
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Show Hidden Elements

You can hide specific elements on various layouts (desktop, tablet, mobile) and at any point you can show these by...
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Device-Specific Edits

By default, most edits that you make to one device will be made on the others, but you can choose...
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Convert a Header to a Row

For most Architect templates, the header is a row, but some contain a fixed header with limited options. These fixed...
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Customize Background

Customize your website background with a color or image. Simply click Design in the left section and select “Site Background.”...
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Site Icons

Customize your site with various icons and images. This will make it easy for visitors to differentiate your site in...
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Video Backgrounds

Easily add a YouTube or Vimeo video background to your site. First copy the relevant video URL, then right click...
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Password Protected Pages

You can use the password protection feature to add passwords to specific pages. This feature lets you assign one password...
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Multi Language Options

You can automatically translate your website text into multiple languages to better target your audience using our multi language feature....
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Personalization Rules

Personalization Rules allow you to define triggers and actions. So when the conditions are met (e.g. a user visits the...
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Adding a Blog

Use our built-in blogging capability to create and edit posts right on your site. To add a blog, click the...
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Changing the Editor Language

You can change the language of the site editor to translate the labels, menu options, and details. Note: changing this...
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Clear Browser Cache

If you run into almost any issue with the site builder, your first step should be to clear your browser...
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