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Supported Browsers

Desktop Version The desktop version of our editor is supported by Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Our editor is...
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Row Editor

You can use the Row Editor to adjust the row and make changes to the design of any row. To...
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Rearranging Elements

You can easily rearrange the elements of your site to speed up your workflow. Rearrange Columns and Rows To rearrange...
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Navigation and subnavigation menus differ between templates and are created automatically based on your pages. You can make edits to...
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Pages and Popups

Pages and Popups can be found in the left menu of your site editor. The Page area allows you to...
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SEO Settings

Improve your site’s visibility and increase the chance of visitors finding you with an organic search through search engine optimization...
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Site Settings

You can use the site settings area to define general options for your website. Click on the “Settings” tab in...
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The spacing for all site editor elements – rows, columns, and widgets – can be customized using the design menu....
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Adding Text & Image

You have a few options for adding text to your website, including the Text widget and the Title widget, as...
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Adding Titles

In addition to the Text widget and the Text & Image widget (which allow you to add simple blocks of text...
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Adding Text

You can easily add a paragraph to your site by using the Text widget. Note: this widget is ideal for...
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Your footer lives at the bottom of your site and is the final row in your editor. You can add...
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Your header lives at the top of your site and contains your navigation and logo. Within the site builder you...
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Adding Sections

Within the site builder you will find Sections, which give you pre-built rows to save you time, as you design....
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Choose and Place Images

You can add and use images for various widgets in the site editor. You can use your own images (from...
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Global Design

Use the Global Design section to make changes to your site as a whole. You can efficiently set text, buttons,...
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Global Text

You can set global text styling to ensure that your site has overall consistency in font, size, and other text...
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Widget Design Options

The majority of widgets found in the site editor come with design options that allow you to customize them for...
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Editing Widgets

Each widget gives you options for customization so you can alter the appearance and performance of a widget to work...
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Adding and Deleting Widgets

The Without Code site editor comes equipped with many built-in widgets, as well as a growing list of custom widgets....
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Managing Imported Content

The Content Library in the site editor provides a place to store and retrieve info, images, and files for your...
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Pull and Import Content

This feature allows you to import content (paragraphs, text, headlines) from another website, reducing your build time and maintaining consistency...
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Arranging Content

Arrangement is an important factor of your website design and Architect is specific in how content is managed and arranged....
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Editing Text

You can edit elements of text (font, color, etc.) right in the main content section. Simply click the section you’d like...
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Site Editor Overview

The Without Code site editor has three main sections: top, left, and the main content area. The top section gives...
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