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Text Slider

The Text Slider is great for testimonials, quotes, or any time you want to draw some attention to text on...
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  • 14

Google Calendar

Integrate one of the mostly widely used calendars in the world onto your site with with the Google Calendar widget....
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  • 125

Search Widget

The Search widget offers a great solution for users who need to search your site or database. Search criteria such...
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  • 109

Document Viewer

The Document Viewer widget allows you to display a variety of documents directly on your site. Documents may be added...
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  • 180

Disable Right Click

  This simple widget handles one important task: disabling right-click functionality for visitors to your site. This protects important images...
  • 1
  • 194

Video Slider

The Video Slider widget is an excellent way to show off your featured videos. This slider packs all the functionality...
  • 0
  • 224

Shape Widget

  The shape widget is a powerful and simple tool for creating unique buttons, banners, tags, awards, or even applying...
  • 1
  • 217

Infiniscroll Slider

  Infiniscroll is a unique slider that allows a single panoramic image or multiple images to pan across a web...
  • 0
  • 234

Animated Bars

  This widget offers a quick and easy solution for displaying an animated bar graphic on your site. Great for...
  • 0
  • 269

Interactive Scale

  Add some life to ordinary static buttons with our Interactive Scale widget. This very useful widget scales elements up...
  • 0
  • 677


  Turn normal text into compelling headlines with our HeadLiner widget. Single words or phrases are revealed in sequence using...
  • 1
  • 1232

Combo Slider

  The Combo Slider widget features a caption block that displays independently of the slideshow image. While most slideshows place...
  • 0
  • 585


  MembershipWorks¬†is a powerful web-based membership software platform designed to manage and automate administration tasks. Our widget allows you to...
  • 0
  • 706

Facebook Feed

  Our Facebook Feed provides a great way to add current dynamic content to your site. Updates made to the...
  • 0
  • 574

Countdown Clock

  Our Countdown Clock widgets provide a great way to add some drama to an upcoming event. Choose from a...
  • 1
  • 412


Our Animations widget is an easy way to add controlled animations to elements on your site. Animation styles include slides,...
  • 3
  • 968

Carousel Slider

This widget offers a slideshow layout that has become extremely popular on the web. The “carousel” layout differs from standard...
  • 0
  • 1011

SuperHero Slider

This highly-requested widget displays a unique slideshow that loads fullscreen on any device. Page content below the full screen slideshow...
  • 2
  • 1121

Vimeo Video Gallery

  Display all of your Vimeo videos in one place using our Vimeo Video Gallery. This widget uses a simple...
  • -1
  • 586

Tockify Calendar

  Display an event calendar on your site with the Tockify integration widget. Calendar features include live sync with Google...
  • 0
  • 727

Tabbed Panel

  Create effective, stylish tabbed panels in Architect with this clever widget. Tabbed panels allow you to display large amounts...
  • 1
  • 817

Yelp Reviews

Show off customer reviews by adding the Yelp Reviews widget to your website. To add this, open the Widgets tab...
  • 1
  • 422

YouTube Video Gallery

Add a video gallery to your site with just a few clicks! Our YouTube Video Gallery allows you to display...
  • 0
  • 590

Restaurant Menu

Add a menu to show visitors images, descriptions, and prices for menu items. You can import your menu, build your...
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  • 376
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