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You can use your site editor right on your tablet to build, edit, and publish. The ability to update sites on the go allows you to make changes immediately, without having to wait until you’re back at your desktop. From your tablet you can:

  • Build a site
  • Add/remove/edit widgets
  • Place and manage images
  • Edit content

Many of the features are identical to the desktop editor with a few that differ.

The Top Section

This menu will be the same on your tablet, and you can select the three dots on the right to access Dev Mode, Support, and Dashboard.


You can’t add widgets using the left menu, but if you click on any element, you can select “+ Widget” and the widget list will appear. The widget will appear below the selected element and you can drag it to the preferred location.

From the black bar, you can select settings, edit, move, and add widgets inline. To delete a widget, select the settings icon and select “Delete.”



Images can be uploaded from your camera, or from iCloud if applicable.



There are some elements that will only be visible from your desktop, including parallax and video backgrounds, as well as persistent headers. Although some of these items can be edited from tablet view, they won’t be visible on tablet.



You can’t add a blog widget to your site while editing via tablet however, you can edit the content and design of an existing blog.



Tooltips are available in widgets, but not in the top bar, text editor or popups.


To navigate between pages, click the left menu to view pages in the drop-down.



You can edit personalization rules; existing rules will not be displayed.



Selecting a column

Try first clicking on the column and if you aren’t able to select it, open the widget menu and click “select container.”

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