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Add a menu to show visitors images, descriptions, and prices for menu items. You can import your menu, build your own, or upload a CSV file.

To add a menu, open the Widgets tab and search for the Restaurant Menu widget.


Drag this widget into the desired location of your editor and it will open the content and design options. From the content tab you can decide how to build the menu:

  • Online
  • Build Your Own
  • Upload CSV



To import your menu, select “Online” and enter your URL or phone number.


Select your business from results. This will import your menu using Locu or SinglePlatform. You can define the menu title from here as well.


You can manually edit the menu by selecting “Edit menu.” This will open up the “Build Your Own” section where you can make manual updates.

Note: switching to manually updates will turn off the auto-syncing.


Build Your Own

You can manually add menu items using this option. Select “Build Your Own” and then select “+ Add Item” to add a new menu item under a specific category. You can add an image, title, description, and price under the Item Settings.

If you want to add an image ensure that the “Show images” icon is selected from the main section. As well, you can define the menu title and currency here.


Select “+ Add Category” to add a brand new category (e.g. Pasta).


Upload CSV

You can import your menu with a CSV; simply select “Upload CSV” and then click the upload button to select your CSV file.


The imported file must be saved as a CSV and categories, items, description, and price must be separated by tabs or commas.


You can manually edit the menu using the “Build Your Own” option. Here you can choose to show images and edit the menu title.



Using the design tab you can change the layout of the menu, edit the number of columns, select the font, style, and color of the categories, items and menu title. As well you can define the image, and change the frame and spacing.

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