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Adding a Navigation Folder

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Folders allow you to better organize your navigation; use them to group related sub-nav topics into non-clickable menu items. For a site with a lot of pages, Folders can help visitors find what they need quicker.

Note: Folders are not actually pages so there are restrictions: it can’t have a URL or password, and can’t be duplicated or translated. it.

To add a folder, click on the Pages tab on the left section and select “+ New Page.”


From the pop-up menu, select “Folder.”


Note: In order for the Folder to function properly it must be placed in a compatible area; i.e. don’t place the Folder in a place for clickable elements. This barrier may result in Folders not functioning correctly in some mobile menu layouts.

Once you add this new Folder, it will appear in the list of pages and will include a folder icon.

Grouping Items

You can nest the pages or anchors you want to group under this Folder by simply selecting and moving them underneath.

Note: Folders can have a max of two levels of sub-items and you can’t use a Folder as a third level item. 

Editing Folders

You can Edit the folder by selecting the settings icon. Options include, Rename, Hide in navigation, and Delete.

Note: selecting to hide or delete will hide ALL sub-items.

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