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The Without Code site editor comes equipped with many built-in widgets, as well as a growing list of custom widgets. Widgets contain text, images, buttons, and other content of your site, and others give you the ability to extend and customize your site: from creating a list to adding an Instagram feed. You can locate all of the available widgets by clicking “Widgets” in the left section.

Click on the menu and either scroll through the list or search for the type of widget you want.


Select the widget and drag it onto your site, placing it in the desired location.

NOTE: When adding a widget to your Website, note the text in the blue placement indicator (e.g. “Insert in a new row”). This text indicates if the widget will be added to an existing row/column or if a new one is being created.


The widget will appear where you have dropped it, and you can click or right click to open up the widget options.


The site editor will automatically make widgets within the same column identical in size. So if you resize one widget, it will jump to a specific location to ensure consistency in sizes.

The grid system allows you to be precise with placement. Watch for the rulers that appear when moving or resizing a widget; they allow you to view horizontal and vertical alignment and once aligned, a border will appear to highlight.

Note: The three different layouts – mobile, tablet, desktop – support the alignment.

To arrange widgets side-by-side, select your widget and drop it where desired, then add a column to the same row and drag a new widget into this freshly created column.


You can delete a widget by either right-clicking on the widget to bring up the menu and select “Delete” or simply click the red x in the corner of the widget.

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