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In addition to the Text widget and the Text & Image widget (which allow you to add simple blocks of text to your site and simple blocks along with an image, respectively), the Without Code site editor has Title widgets. Titles have larger spacing and can be used to draw attention to parts of your site.

Title widgets come in Small or Large; these are the same widget, but have a different default Heading Type settings. Large uses H1 and Small uses H3.

Note: Header Types are defined in the Global Text settings. Enter this tab to set font style, size, etc; this will make it easy for you to quickly edit your content and improve SEO.

To add a title, open the Widgets tab and search for Title; select the size you would like.


Drag this widget into the desired location of your editor. You can click on the title to enter your text, as well as open the inline editor to:

  1. Edit font type, style, size, and weight
  2. Change alignment
  3. Edit spacing
  4. Add a list or link
  5. Change Header Type (H1-H6).


Right clicking on the Title widget will open more options.


Click “Edit Design” to adjust style and spacing.

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