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Audio Essentials

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This simple widget allows you to place mp3 audio on your page – great for music, narration, podcasts and more! Use multiple instances throughout your site as needed.


Tutorial Video




  • Place the widget onto your page.
  • Open the widget option panel.
  • Enter a Unique ID. This is an ID that you create, and can be anything you like. The reason for this is so that multiple instances of Audio Essentials widgets can be used throughout your page or site.
  • Audio URL: This is the URL of your .mp3 audio file. Please see the “Hosting MP3 Audio Files” section below for details on easy linking.
  • Width: This sets the width of the audio player.
  • Autoplay: Enables autoplay when the page is loaded. Please note that certain devices or browsers may not support autoplay.
  • Loop: This setting allows the audio to repeat when it reaches the end of its playtime.


This section describes a process that allows for simple hosting of audio files on your own website, without leaving the Architect site builder. You may host your mp3 files wherever you like, though keep in mind that the URL used in the Audio URL field needs to be a direct link to your file. The URL should end in “…mp3”.

  • Click the Content tab in the Architect sidebar menu.
  • Click “Manage Files”
  • Click the “Upload New File” button.
  • Drag and drop your .mp3 file into the dialog box, or click the “Choose Files” button to find the file on your computer.
  • Click “Upload”.
  • Once uploaded, your .mp3 audio file will be shown as a thumbnail image. Click the magnifying glass icon. This will load directly to a new webpage with the .mp3 file in an audio player.
  • Select the URL and copy it.
  • Return to the Audio Essentials widget. Paste the URL into the Audio URL field.
  • You may repeat this process as needed for other Audio Essentials widgets.


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