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Change Your Store Greeting Name

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When a CMS user enters their site’s store, it will display a default greeting with the name that is on the WoCode account. This article will show you a way to customize the name shown in the store greeting.  

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In order to change this name per site for a more personalized experience for your customer, there a few simple steps that need to be taken:  

  1. Log in to the site you wish to change the store greeting on.
  2. Open Store > Manage Store and scroll down to reveal your Store ID. This is the Store ID for this WoCode site.
  3. Open any text editor and copy/paste the following URL: https://my.multiscreenstore.com/store/
  4. Navigate back to the tab that your site is open on, and copy your Store ID.
  5. In the text editor, paste the ID at the end of the URL. The URL should now look like this (with your site ID at the end): https://my.multiscreenstore.com/store/20147543
  6. Copy the URL from the text editor and paste it into a new tab in your browser. Hit enter to navigate to this URL.
  7. You will now be taken to Ecwid’s white-labeled backend of your Without Code store (Without Code stores are powered by Ecwid). From here you will click on the top right, the account button and then Profile.
  8. From the Profile screen, you can now change the Your Name section, which will update the name shown in the WoCode store greeting. IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to NOT change the “Community Username” or the “Your Email” sections of the profile page. This information is automatically generated for your account, and changing these two fields could result in issues with the store.
  9. Click the blue SAVE button on the top right of the screen, and you’re all set! CMS users will now see the updated name while in the Without Code store backend.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Change Greeting Names One at a Time: While it is possible to change the greeting for multiple stores on your account, it is important to do them one by one. If you have multiple Without Code sites open in tabs within the browser and change the store greeting for one of the stores, that new name change will be displayed across all other site stores currently open in that browser.
  • One Greeting Name Per Site: Only one greeting name may be used per site. When a site has multiple CMS users added, individual CMS users cannot have unique greeting names. All CMS users will see the same greeting.

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