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You can add and use images for various widgets in the site editor. You can use your own images (from your existing site, social media profiles, already-purchased stock), as well as pick from our large stock image collection.

Note: Architect supports the SVG file format; select the Icon widget to use these.

Choosing Images

When adding and selecting, you will use the “Image Picker – Quick View” From here you can upload a new image by clicking “+ Upload,” choose from your existing images, as well as search the stock library. Simply keep scrolling to view all images in either section.


Click “Full View” to view more options.


Full View gives you all images: site you have imported from (if applicable), free images, related Facebook business pages, and uploaded images. Use the tabs on the left to sort through the different sections and select any image to get more information (name and size). You can also use the search bar to find specific images, or sort through folders to find types of images.


Upload Images

You can upload new images by clicking the “+ Upload Images” button to upload from your computer and if you prefer to upload from another source (e.g. Facebook), simply close the initial upload dialogue box and click “Upload from…”


You can upload from the web, social media platforms, Google Drive/Photos, DropBox, a URL, or you can drag images from your computer into the relevant section.

In addition, you can now upload directly to a folder. Simply click the appropriate folder and then select “Upload Images.”


Delete Images

You can delete images by hovering over any image and clicking the x in the right hand corner.


Placing Images

To add an image, simply click to select, and Click “Done.”


For the Image slider and Photo Gallery widgets, you can select multiple images, then click “Done” and all images selected will be added in.

Managing Images

To manage images, simply click on the “Manage Images” toggle.


This mode will give you organization options to group and name images so that your design process is more efficient. You can select multiple images right in the main section.

  • Rename: click on any image and use the “Rename” button on the right to give it a new name.
  • Add Folder and move images: you can create a new folder by clicking “Add Folder” and giving it a unique name. Then you can select multiple images and using the tab on the right, click “Move to folder” and select the appropriate folder. You can also upload images directly to a folder.
  • Delete selected: select the images you would like to delete and click “Delete selected” on the right.

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