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Clear Browser Cache

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If you run into almost any issue with the site builder, your first step should be to clear your browser cache. This can easily solve many issues, including:

  • The site/page appears blank
  • The site looks different on different layouts (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • The favicon is not updating

The instructions for clearing your cache differ between browsers.

  • Chrome: enter Settings, click “Clear Browser Data,” and clear the relevant data.
  • Safari: enter the Develop menu, and select “Empty Caches.”
  • Firefox: enter Options, find the cached web content, and then select “Clear Now.”
  • Internet Explorer: enter the Delete Browsing History section, select “Temporary Internet files and website files,” and click “Delete.”

Once you have cleared the cache, try logging into the editor again. If the problem persists, send our support team an email –

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