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Customized Site Navigation

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You can place custom built navigation menus anywhere on your site; this allows you to create sub-level navigation in sidebars, single pages, or unique footer navigation. Using the custom links option in the Navigation Content Editor you can choose exactly what you want displayed.

To start using this feature, select the widgets section in the left menu and search for the “Navigation Links” widget.


Drag this widget into the desired location of your editor and it will open the Navigation Content Editor. Here you can choose “Site pages,” which will display all pages or you can choose “Custom links” to create a customized menu.


Select “Custom links” and here you can select where you want the navigation to link to.

  • Existing Page
  • Website URL
  • Popup
  • Anchor

Existing page

Create a unique navigation based on the existing pages, organizing as desired.

Website URL

Link directly to an external page; this could be useful for linking to your social pages.

Link directly to one of your popups.



Link to an anchor; this allows you to send customers to any relevant areas on your site that aren’t contained in the main menu.


Using the design tab you can change the layout, pages, subpages, and spacing.

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