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Within your Global Design settings you can switch the layout of your site as seen on various devices. One option for desktop and tablet views is the expandable menu. This option gives you a lot of design freedom, as you can select from and customize multiple layouts within the expandable menu style, as well as customize the header.

To select an expandable menu style, click on the Design tab, select “Site Layout” and hover above the different styles to find the “Expandable menu.” You can select this option in both the desktop and the table views.

Note: When you switch layouts, the logo will remain, however, all widgets in the header will be removed and the background color will change.

Note: when you update the layout, an automatic backup is created.


Edit Header

Once you add this layout, a hamburger icon will appear; this icon allows you to expand the menu. To edit the header, however, simply hover and click “Header.”


This will open up options; click “Edit Design” to open the design options, including menu icon position and background color and effect.


Edit Menu

To edit the menu, click the icon to open it and click on “Menu.”


This will open up options; click “Edit Design” to open the design options. This includes your specific layout style, location, and entrance effect. This menu can have up to three rows, each customizable.

Note: You can select the same or different layouts for your desktop and tablet views. If you select the same, any customization will make changes to both views. If you select different layouts, you will need to edit the design for each independently



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