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This simple widget handles one important task: disabling right-click functionality for visitors to your site. This protects important images and/or text when needed. Widget options allow for protecting images only, text only, or everything on a page. This functionality may be applied to a single page or an entire site.

Demo: https://demo.wocode.com/disable-right-click

Tutorial Video


Widget Placement

  • Place the Interactive Scale widget on your page. You should place it out of the way, as its placement is not important. The widget placeholder will not be seen when your site is published.
  • If you wish to apply the widget functionality to a single page, place the widget in the page body, but not in the header or footer. To apply widget functionality to your entire site, place the widget in your footer or header.

Widget Options

  • Disable Right-Click on: This dropdown allows you to apply the disable right-click functionality to images only, paragraph text only, or everything.
  • Display Alert Text: This toggle enables a pop-up message that displays custom alert text in the site visitor’s browser.
  • Alert Text: The text entered in this custom text field will display in the browser alert message when a site visitor right-clicks an element.

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