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If you or your clients are using Xfinity internet, you may have experienced an error message when visiting preview links – (  The provider may have blacklisted the ISP and won’t allow you to visit the sitemodify site. Luckily, this can be solved by calling Xfinity and alerting them that your router is blocking the website.

Simply call the Xfinity support channel – 1-800-266-2278, select option 4 and request to escalate your issue.

State the following: “My router blocked the website and this is a cloud based web development tool that I use for my business.”

This should result in Xfinity whitelisting, allowing you to visit the website on your network in the future.


Disabling Advanced Security

If the above does not work, you can disable advanced security to allow it.

First login to your account –

Then select “More.”

Click “My Services.”

This will bring you to the xFI Advanced Security section; from here select “Disable” toggle the blue switch off. Once this is disabled, you we will be able to visit the site without issue.


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