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Placing this widget on your site creates an always up-to-date copyright for your site. Customization options let you control how much information is shown, along with a full suite of styling controls.


Tutorial Video


Version Log

  • v1.1: Fixed bug with Owner Copyright Text color not changing after owner link is activated (06/22/2018)
  • v1.0: Initial release



  • Place the widget onto your page.
  • This widget should be placed in the footer in most cases. Placement in the footer will ensure that the copyright information is seen on every page of your site. You may do this in the editor from any page of your site.
  • Open the widget option panel.
  • Enter a Unique ID. You can leave this default, or choose a new ID. The Unique ID allows for multiple instances of the widget to be used, however, most will only need a single instance.


You may have the widget display copyright text, owner text, copyright icon, and the year. This section allows you to enable or disable these options.

  • Ailgnment: Sets the alignment of the copyright.
  • Copyright Text: Sets the text seen on the left side of the copyright info. This will be left as “Copyright” in most cases.
  • Copyright Owner: Sets the owner text. This could be the company name or the website designer, or other.
  • Enable Copyright Text, Enable Owner, and Enable Icon do as they state.
  • Enable Start Year allows for a date range to be shown. With this disabled, the copyright will show the current year only. With this setting enabled, the copyright will show a start year, through the current year. For example, “2011-2018”. Enabling this setting will make a new setting appear, which allows you to define the start year.
  • Enable Owner URL: This setting allows you to include a link for the owner text. Enabling this setting will open a new box, allowing you to enter a link URL.


This section allows you to style the Copyright Icon, Text and Owner text. These options are self explanatory. However, keep in mind that certain settings are not applicable, such as alignment settings. These style settings are preset in the widget code.


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