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Dynamic Pages: Adding Dynamic Pages to Site Nav

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Dynamic pages can easily be added to your site navigation. This makes it quick and easy for site visitors to find the page they’re after, directly from the main nav. Let’s look at how to add dynamic pages to site navigation.

Create a Parent Page or Folder

Dynamic pages listed within a site’s navigation must be contained within a parent folder or page.

  • If you do not already have a parent folder or page, create one now. Click on Pages in the side menu.
  • Click the New Page button.
  • You may create a page or folder as the parent item. In our example, we’ll select folder.
  • Name the folder and click Add Page.

Adding Dynamic Pages to Navigation

Now that you have a parent folder or page, you need to add Dynamic Pages as subpages.

  • In the pages menu, locate your dynamic page. If you haven’t built a dynamic page, do that now. See our Creating Dynamic Pages documentation for more info.
  • Click the gear icon to access settings.
  • Select “Hide/Show in Navigation,, then “Show on All.”
  • In the “Add page items as subpages of” field, select the parent folder or page.
  • The next selection will allow us to choose the page title that will be displayed in the submenu of the parent item. In your collection, you should have a field name set to page_title or similar.
  • Select the field name you would like to use. In our Featured Homes example, we’ll select “listing_title.”
  • Click Save details.

And that’s it! Your dynamic pages will be displayed in your site nav in a submenu of the parent item.  


For a complete overview and video tutorial of Dynamic Pages, check out our 5-part video series:

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