Dynamic Pages: Connecting Widgets

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After creating your Dynamic Page and Collection, you can then connect widgets.

Note: not all widgets are supported by Dynamic Pages; read which ones are.

Connect a Widget

To connect a widget, locate the widget and right click to open the settings. Click “Connect to Data.”


Select the field you would like to connect and click done.


The widget will display a Connected Data icon to show you it is connected.


Note: if you convert your Dynamic Page to a standard page, the widgets will be disconnected, and you will need to reconnect.


Change a Collection

You can change the collection in the future by visiting the Dynamic Page Settings. This will keep widgets connected to the field names that exist in both collections and removes the collections that do not exist in the new collection. Open up the Pages option, locate the relevant page and select “Dynamic Page Settings.”


Select a new collection from the dropdown menu.

Now you can move on to the last step: displaying pages in a list.

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