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In order to create a Dynamic Page, you must define a collection; this is where the page connects to and where it pulls content from. Collections contain lists of items with similar information (e.g. name, location, etc).

One example of a collection is menu items; the collection might contain the following info:

Menu Item Type Price Image Page_Item_url
Item A Dinner 25.00 URL property_a
Item B Breakfast 10.00 URL property_b
Item C Lunch 15.00 URL property_c


You can select from the following options for adding a collection:


To create the collection, select “Content,” “Business Content,” and “Collections.”


Select “New Collection”


Select the type of collection you want to create, enter the relevant details in collection settings.

Define the collection fields and click done.

Rules for Creating Collections

All collections should follow these rules:

  • First row should contain the field names
  • Data should be structured based on data type
  • Location and business hours must be structured as follows:
    • Location: street address, postal code, region, city, country
    • Hours: e.g. Sat, Sun: 08:00-20:00


For more information on creating collections using Airtable or Google Sheets visit our other docs.

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