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Dynamic Pages: External Databases

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In this document, we’ll cover the process of creating External Databases.
Note: We recommend that only advanced users familiar with connecting databases to third party platforms use this method. 

Preview our Heights template, using dynamic pages and widgets throughout: https://demo.wocode.com/image-mask-widget

External Database Collections

To Connect to an External Database:
  • Go to Content > Business Content > Collections
  • Click New Collection.
  • Choose the External Database option.
  • Enter your Endpoint URL and click Fetch collection.
  • Click Continue.
  • Name the Collection something unique.
  • Select the correct data type for each field in the Collection.
  • Add any additional fields (this is optional).
  • Click Continue.
  • Import the collection.

Database Limits

External database collections have the following limitations:


Collection number per site 100
Fields 100
Inner collection fields 15
Text field character limit 2000
Collection name character limit 50
Field name character limit 50
Update data Automatically

Page Count Limits

Each row within a database generates a page of content on your project. Technically, there is not a hard limit on page count. We suggest a cautionary limit of 1000 pages. With page counts beyond 1000 (or with image-heavy pages) we can’t guarantee you won’t run into stability and upload issues. Image-heavy pages or pages filled with widgets and graphics can take the cautionary page limit down to 200-300 pages. With all this in mind, databases are best kept between 200-1000 rows of data.

For a complete overview and video tutorial of Dynamic Pages, check out our 5-part video series:

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