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Dynamic Pages: Filtering and Sorting

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You may display content in a widget that is filtered and sorted exactly how you like. Filtering and sorting are supported by all connected data widgets.

For more on connecting widgets to collections, see our Connecting Widgets doc.

Adding Filtering and Sorting

Open the widget option panel and click Settings (gear icon) and select Connect to data.

You may also right-click on any widget and select the same.

Note that not all widgets support Connected Data. See this doc to learn more about which widgets support Connected Data.

In the Connect Data, begin by connecting to an existing collection if the widget is not yet connected.

Click Filter & sort.


To add a filter, click Add Filter.

Choose a filter. For example, if you are linked to a real estate collection, you can add a filter to only show home in Dallas.

Add additional filters by clicking Add Filter again. For example, if you wish to show homes in Dallas and Fort Worth, add a filter for Fort Worth since you’ve already added a filter for Dallas. Repeat this process as needed.


Content is sorted by selecting a data type, and then choosing ascending or descending sort.

Click Add Sort.

Select a data type. For example, you may choose a data type for the listing price for the real estate listings on your site, e.g. listing_price.

Choose Ascending or Descending.


In this example, we’ve filtered and sorted content for a selection of real estate listings to only show homes in Dallas and Fort Worth, with the homes being sorted by listing price in ascending order.

You may find when adding filters that your collection needs adjustments to best take advantage of filtering and sorting. For example, you may not have real estate homes broken down by city. You may want to make necessary corrections to your collection prior to filtering or sorting. To do this, you may need to open the collection in Airtable or Google Sheets to add a column.

If you need to make basic adjustments to your data collection in the builder, you may use the “Edit in Content Library” link in the Connect Data window.

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