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In this document, we’ll look at creating and using Internal Collections. These collections can be edited within the Collections area, but may now be edited directly within a dynamic page (without the need to exit the page to open a collection). Note that this feature is available for internal collections only. See the Editing Within a Dynamic Page section below for more information.

Preview our Heights template, using dynamic pages and widgets throughout: https://demo.wocode.com/image-mask-widget

Create a New Collection

  • Click Content in the builder side menu.
  • Click the Collections option.
  • Click the New Collection button.
  • Select Internal Collection.
  • To rename the collection, click the collection name and type a new name.

Adding New Collection Fields

  • The first column – Item – is intended to be your page item URL. These entries determine the URL of a dynamic page. Entries should only contain text and underscores or hyphens. Example: upper_east_side.
  • To add more fields, click the Add New Field icon on the right side of the table. Name the new field.
  • Add items to the collection by typing an item and any associated fields.
  • Double-click in the field to add information.
  • Click the Save button.
  • To edit the field types, click the arrow next to the field, and select Edit Field.
    • Type a new name for the field.
    • Select a field type from the menu.
  • Some field types, such as images, allow you to directly select an item in the collection builder. 

  • When you’re done editing the collection, simply close the window.

Supported Fields

Field Type Example

Welcome to my dentist office


Select an image.




Business Hours

Select business hours.


Enter a location.



Note: Vimeo, YouTube,and Dailymotion are supported.





Image Collection Enter images

Row and Field Capacity

Rows, fields and character counts currently have the following limits:

  • Rows: 200
  • Fields: 50
  • Characters per field: 4500

Adding or Editing Rows

  • To add a new row, click the Add Row button in the upper right.
  • This will bring up a new window with all of the fields for this collection. You may fill in the fields within this new window. The window represents one dynamic page for your site.
  • You may also edit existing rows in a new window. To do this, hover over an existing row, or right-click an existing row.

Editing Within a Dynamic Page

In addition to editing content within the Collections area, you may edit content on a dynamic page layout as well. This allows you to edit content within the context of the page while you can see the visual layout and the changes immediately.

  • Select the dynamic page you wish to edit.
  • Click the Edit Row button in the top menu.
  • This opens a row editor window, where you may make changes to any row within the collection. Refer to the Adding or Editing Rows section above for more information on the row editing window.
  • Note that the Edit Row button is only available for dynamic pages connected to internal collections.


For a complete overview and video tutorial of Dynamic Pages, check out our 5-part video series:

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