Dynamic Pages: Using Google Sheets to Create a Collection

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One option for creating collections is Google Sheets. To select this option, select “Content,” “Business Content,” and “Collections.”

Note: you must have a Google account and populate the relevant Google Sheet prior to connecting in Without Code.


Click “+ New Collection.”


Select Google Sheets and follow these steps:

  • Sign in with Google (ensure you’re logged in to the Google account containing the collection)
  • Select the Google Sheet you want to use
  • Select “Connect Spreadsheet”


Define the data type for each field and click done. The following table outlines the field types and examples.

Note: inner collections are not supported with Google Sheets.


Field Type Example Content
Text The dog went for a walk
Image https://www.domain.com/img/imagename.jpg
Link www.wocode.com
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9aIidxFxcI
Phone 123456789
Email help@email.com
Location Format: streetaddress, postalcode, region, city, country

e.g. 666 Home St, 12345, CA, San Diego, US

Business Hours SAT, SUN: 06:00-22:00; WED, THU, FRI: 09:00-11:00;


Now, you can move on to Dynamic Pages, which will allow you to connect your collection.

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