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The Dynamic Pages feature allows you to create pages from content collections. This allows you to populate pages with information and speeds up the process of creating/updated multiple pages at one time by using the same design and the data in a collection to generate multiple identical pages.

This feature is ideal for a variety of instances and can be used for any site that contains multiple pages with the same structure, such as:

  • Real estate
  • Product listings
  • Team pages
  • Recipes

Creating and Converting Dynamic Pages

You can either create a brand-new Dynamic Page or convert an existing one.

Note: In order to create a Dynamic Page, you must first have a content collection.


Creating a Dynamic Page

To create a Dynamic Page, select “Pages” and click “New Page. Select Dynamic Page.


If you don’t have a collection, this will prompt you create one.


Name the page and select the collection you want to connect to from the drop-down menu. Then click “Add Page.”


Converting an Existing Page

To convert a page, simply click the gear icon for the relevant page, select “Convert to Dynamic Page,” select the collection and click done.


Once you’ve created or converted a Dynamic Page, you can connect your widgets.

Dynamic Page Specifics


These pages don’t include specific permissions, as the data is external, so a client is able to change the data in the collection if they have access to it. CMS users with limited editing permissions will not be able to modify anything connect to the Dynamic Page, but they will be able to view it.

Note: as the data is external, it is not backed up.

Dynamic Pages do not appear in the navigation and the URL won’t be indexed. The reason for this is to ensure that a page that doesn’t have content only functions as a layout.


Within the settings for Dynamic Pages you can change the collection and URL, add SEO data, and add custom header HTML.


  • Dynamic Pages can’t be used on sites with multiple languages
  • Dynamic Pages can’t be used in conjunction with Site Comments
  • Dynamic Pages are not supported in the navigation widget and can’t be selected from the link picker

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