You can also enable automatic marketing emails to remind visitors of products in their favorites list. For more information, see our Ecommerce: Automated Emails document.

Enable Favorites

To enable the favorites :

  • In the left panel, click Ecommerce, and then click “Manage Store.”
  • Click Settings, and then click General.
  • Click the Cart & Checkout tab.
  • Scroll to Favorites.
  • Click the toggle to enable or disable the Favorites list.

Adding Items to Favorites

To add items to a favorites list, click the Favorite heart next to a product in the product details. To see all the items in the favorites list, click “View Favorites” in the product details.

Customizing a Favorites List

To customize a favorites list:

  1. On a product page, click the product to open the Store Design.
  2. Click “Single Product Page,” and then select the layout you want to use for the product page.
  3. Click “Secondary Buttons” to change the button style for the Favorites button.