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Automated emails allow you to create email campaigns that are sent automatically. These emails are pre-built, and are triggered by customer behavior; such as abandoned carts, order confirmation, and feedback requests. These emails are designed to increase sales, reduce time and effort, and cut marketing costs.

Note: this feature is only available to sites hosted on our Ecommerce Pro plan.

Turning Automated Emails On

Go to your Store, then navigate to Marketing > Automated emails.

The following email types can be enabled:

  • Abandoned cart recovery email
  • Order confirmation with related products
  • Feedback request
  • “Thank you for shopping with us”
  • Inactive customer reminder
  • Purchase anniversary

Add Coupons and Social Media Links

You can add coupons to emails to sweeten the deal and encourage sales. Additionally, be sure to attach links to your social media channels in order to get your customers more involved.

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