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The Without Code ecommerce store automatically calculates tax rates for users based in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe based on the store and customer’s location. The customer will therefore be charged an appropriate tax rate according to their country and region.

Note: this feature is only available to sites hosted on our ecommerce hosting plans.

 This tool will allow the system to automatically calculate the tax rate at checkout based on where you and your customers are located and considers:

  • If the region uses an origin or destination-based tax schema
  • If shipping costs/discounts are taxable
  • If tax should be charged in a specific state, province, or country

To ensure this is being calculated properly, click “Settings,” then select “General.” You can enter your company address in here, which will allow the system to calculate and apply the appropriate rate.


Then, click on “Settings,” “Taxes” and switch the toggle to “Enabled.”

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