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The built in store allows you to efficiently import, export, and update products, as well as download customer and sales information.

 Note: the export feature is only available on the ecommerce and ecommerce pro plans. Read about the different hosting plans.


To view all of these options click on the Store section in the left menu and selecting “Manage Store.”


From the store management panel, click on “Catalog,” then select “Products.” Then scroll down to the bottom of this page.



Export Products

If you are on an ecommerce or ecommerce pro plan you can download products by using the export tool. If you want to download all products simply select “Export All.” You can also export certain products by filtering the relevant items and then selecting “Export Selected.”


Once you select export, a pop-up will ask you to select the fields you wish to export. And a CSV file will download.


Export Sales Reports

To download sales reports, click on “My Sales” and select “Orders.” From here you can download order information.

Export Customer List

To download a customer list, click on “Customers” and scroll down to “Export All.” You can select the relevant fields to export and then download the CSV.



If you have an existing list of products that you would like to import into the store, first ensure that the file is saved in the correct CSV format. Then select “Import Products.”


This will open a pop-up where you can select the relevant columns and other specifics.



You can use the Update option to enable or disable products in bulk. Simply select the relevant products, then scroll down to the update section and select “Enable” or “Disable.”


Once you have clicked, scroll up and you can see your changes are saved.


To update any other aspects of a product (e.g. price, weight, images) use the export and import functions. Simply export the relevant products, edit as desired in your spreadsheet editor and import the products.



Use the delete option to delete products in bulk. Simply select the relevant products, then scroll down and click “Delete.”


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