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You can set tiered pricing for products, aka bulk discounts, through your Without Code store. E.g. a pair of shoes are priced at $19.99, but you can set tiered pricing so that if the customer purchases three, the price/pair drops to $10.99.

Note: bulk discount pricing is only available on the Ecommerce Pro plan.

This feature can encourage customers to purchase more items and can useful if you have a large quantity of stock in a certain item. The discount prices will be shown in the details and full discount applied once the cart recognizes the correct number of items.

In addition to showing the discount, the built-in store also includes suggestion messages to customers. This means, when a customer is adding items to their cart, the store may offer up a message suggesting you can save money by adding more (e.g. “Add two more and get 50% off”). These messages can encourage users to purchase more items.

To set this up, click on “Catalog,” then “Products” and select the relevant product.

Next to the price, select the arrow. This will open up more pricing options, including bulk discounts.

Note: depending on pricing options (e.g. if you have separate regular price and wholesale price), different combinations may not result in volume discounts.

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