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You can easily add digital products to your store and customers can purchase them similar to how they purchase regular products: adding a product to their carts and checking out. Then once the payment is received, customers will get an email with the download link for the product.

Adding digital goods is done in the same manner as regular products. Simply click on the Store section in the left menu and select “Manage Store.”


From the store management panel, click on “Catalog” and select “Products.” Add a new product by selecting “Add New Product.”


Enter the product information, select “Files,” and click “Upload Files.” Once you have uploaded the appropriate files ensure you click save.


You can adjust the settings of the digital goods by visiting “Settings” and selecting “General.”


Visit “Cart & Checkout” and scroll down to the E-goods section.


Here you can set the link lifetime, as well as the number of download attempts. Ensure you click save.


You can customize the email sent to customers who purchase the digital good by selecting “Settings, “Mail” and scrolling down to “Download e-goods.” You can edit the email, as well as enable/disable.


You can manually recreate the download link by selecting “My Sales” and clicking “Orders” to view the details of a specific digital order.

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