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You can create a customized discount coupon to give to specific customers or share more widely (e.g. through social media).

Note: discount codes are only available for ecommerce and ecommerce pro plans.

To create a code, select the Store section from the left menu and click on “Manage Store.”


From the store management panel, click on “Discounts.”


Then select “+ Add new Coupon,” fill in the fields and click “Save.”




This name is for convenience and is only visible to the store owner.


This is the code that customers will enter for a discount, so use a relevant name (e.g. christmas20) or use the “generate” option for a random code.


You can select free shipping, an amount off, or a percentage off.


You can add specific limits to the date, order type, number of uses, customer type, or product/category type.



What does the total apply to?

It applies to the subtotal.

100% Discount

You can set a 100% discount code, but this won’t include shipping and you must click “Skip payment method selection, if the order total is zero.”

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