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Marketplaces are a good place to promote your products outside of your own site. You can easily list products on eBay or Amazon to sell through these channels; simply choose the products from your built-in Without Code store and sync them with your eBay/Amazon store. Any changes you make in the future in the future can be managed directly from your website.

In order to integrate eBay and Amazon, the store uses the third party Codisto app. This app can be installed directly through the built-in store and includes a separate fee.


Set up Your Marketplace Account

In order to connect eBay or Amazon, set up your seller account:



Note: for any questions about setting up your accounts, please refer to eBay or Amazon instructions.


Connect Your Store

After setting up your account, you can now connect it with your built-in Without Code store.

Select the Store option from the left menu, click “All Sales Channels” and select the relevant marketplace.


Click to manage listings and this will open up the Codisto app plan options.


To find out how to finish connecting your marketplaces read Codisto’s step-by-step instructions.

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