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Marketplaces are a good place to promote your products outside of your own site. PriceGrabber is a comparison-shopping site allows users to search for specific products and compare prices from different merchants. You can connect your built in Without Code store to PriceGrabber to list products in this marketplace, which is available in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Brazil.

Note: this feature is only available with our Ecommerce Pro plan.

Store Setup

Open up your store, click “All Sales Channels,” then “Marketplaces.”

In your store selected "All Sales Channels," and click "Marketplaces" from the dropdown.

Select the PriceGrabber icon. Under the Settings tab you can set parameters:

  • Marketplace Category: Pick the category that best represents your products; this is where your items will be shown.
  • Product Condition: If you’re selling brand new products, simply select “new.”
  • Feed Link: This is a link to the product file you need for PriceGrabber and is generated automatically, as well as updated every 12 hours. You can use this link in PriceGrabber; simply download this file and load it into your PriceGrabber account.

PriceGrabber Partner Account

To finish setting up this marketplace, first create a PriceGrabber account.

You will receive a verification code, which you can paste into the “Code” field of your account and click “continue.”

You can then set up your product feed:

  • “Do you have a product data feed”? Yes
  • “Is the feed visible from a website / URL?” Yes
  • “What is the URL of your feed?” Enter the URL of your product feed, which was created in the first step.
  • “Is this feed password-protected?” No

Then set your shipping and tax rates, choosing “Use the shipping costs provided in my product data feed”

Once you click submit, PriceGrabber will review your application and activate the account. You can then make adjustments through your PriceGrabber account: add balance, place bids, and launch a campaign.

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