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Note: this feature is only available on sites hosted on our Ecommerce Pro or Ecommerce Unlimited plans.

You may now enable customers to schedule times for pickups or deliveries in your ecommerce sites. This will give your clients an edge on the competition and provide a feature their customers will appreciate.

Enable Delivery Windows

To enable delivery windows:

  • In the left panel, click Ecommerce, and then click Manage Store.
  • Click Settings, and then click Shipping & Pickup.
  • If you don’t have the Self Pickup option added, add the option by clicking the Add Pickup button in the Self Pickup section.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the process and click the “Ask for delivery date and time at checkout” link. 

Enable Pickup Windows

To enable pickup windows:

  • If you don’t have Local Delivery option added, add the option by clicking the Add Delivery button.
  • Scroll to the Date and Time Picker. Complete this section.


Editing Delivery or Pickup Settings

Once you’ve added Delivery or Pickup windows, you may edit them in the main Shipping & Pickup area. Choose Edit from the Actions dropdown to edit.

You may also disable these features at any time using the Enable/Disable toggle.

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