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The new Product Gallery sets the stage for a fantastic shopping experience in your ecommerce sites. With all the functionality of the Photo Gallery widget, the Product Gallery goes above and beyond by seamlessly integrating live products in your store catalog.




  • Drop the widget into your site and place it where you would like the gallery to appear.
  • You may use as many instances as you like throughout the site.
  • Ensure that you still have a store page with the Store Design widget in use. Products in the Product Gallery will link to the items in the store.


  • Select a category. These consist of the product categories you’ve created in your store catalog. Any new category you create will appear in this dropdown.


In addition to product categories, you can also use filters to show a collection of products. There are two filter types: On Sale and What’s New.

  • On Sale automatically detects and displays items that are discounted in your store catalog.
  • What’s New displays items that have been added within the last 30 days.

To use these filters, simply select them from the category dropdown.


At the bottom of the content tab, there are additional content settings, all with toggles so that you may enable or disable them. These settings include:

  • Title
  • Button
  • Price
  • SKU
  • Additional Image


Extensive styling options are available in the Design section, allowing you to fine tune the look and feel of the gallery. Several layout options are available, as well as control over the column and row counts. Beyond the structural settings are numerous styling settings, allowing for full control over fonts, colors and spacing.

The Design settings are the same as what is available in the Photo Gallery widget. See our Photo Gallery documentation for additional details.

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