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Add and Edit Products

Click on the Store option in the left section, and select “Manage Store.”


Once you enter your store management panel, select the “Catalog” section and click “Products.” You can click on any product to edit it.


To add a new product select “+ Add New Product”


Here you can enter the name, description, ID number, weight, price, and image. Ensure you save.

Bulk Updates

You may edit up to 100 products in bulk using Bulk Update. This simple table allows you to bulk edit name, price, SKU, category and more.

To edit in bulk:

  • Select all the products you wish to update.
  • Click Bulk Update
  • Follow the prompts in the dropdown to perform the edits you wish to make.

Add related products to the product pages by selecting the “Catalog” section, clicking “Products,” and selecting the relevant product. Then click “Related Products.”


You can also add related products to the shopping bag page by selecting “Settings,” “General,” and clicking on the “Cart & Checkout.”


Scroll down to the Related Products section and enable/disable this feature.

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