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You will be prompted to set up the shipping when you initially setup your store, however, you can update this information at any point.

Click on the Store option in the left section, and select “Manage Store.”


Once you enter your store management panel, select the “Shipping & Pickup” section and click “+Add Shipping Method.”


Select how you will ship the goods. The options will be based on the region you saved in your settings.


Then set up the rates for this option. You can choose from automatically calculated (this will be based on the carrier), free shipping, flat rate, or custom rates.


Depending in the option selected, you will be prompted to add more information. For example, if you select the automatically calculated rates, you can enter your shipping origin information. Ensure you click save.


Your new shipping method will now show in your store management panel. You can edit, delete, sort, as well as enable/disable the method from here.


Scroll down to view and edit your settings.

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