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Ecommerce: Store Customization

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You can customize the function and aesthetic of your store by adding widgets and altering specific sections of the design.

Note: Your store cannot be managed by going to While our ecommerce system is powered by Ecwid, any store created on the Without Code site builder can only be managed from within the site builder.

If you have an existing account with Ecwid, you may also use our Ecwid Ecommerce Store, or Ecwid Ecommerce Single Product widgets. 


Additional Widgets

To add ecommerce widgets to your store click on the Store section in the left menu, then select “Add store widgets.”


This will bring up all ecommerce widgets and you can select the relevant ones for your store (e.g. shopping cart). You can drag the selected widget onto the relevant area, then click on the widget to open the edit and design tabs.


Store Design

To edit the layout and design of your store, click on the store in your site editor. This will open the design options.



Set the initial screen for your store here.



Adjust the category layout and image specifics, as well as font style, size, and color.



Adjust the category layout and image specifics, as well as font style, size, and color.


Single Product Page

Adjust the specific elements for the single product pages. Select “More design options” to view all.


Search Results Page

Select the search results layout from the dropdown.


Enable or disable the footer. This won’t affect the site footer.



Set the inner and outer spacing for the store.

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