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Editing Widgets

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Each widget gives you options for customization so you can alter the appearance and performance of a widget to work best for your site. The process to edit is very simple.

Simply place your cursor over the widget and click, or right click; this will bring up the options menu unique to that widget. There are a few options that are standard across most widgets, including:

  • Edit Design
  • Entrance Animation
  • Select Container
  • Copy
  • Hide On Device
  • Set As Anchor
  • Edit HTML/CSS
  • Delete

Edit Design

This brings up the design options where you can alter layout, style, and spacing.

Entrance Animation

This gives you options for how the particular widget content appears (e.g. Fade in).

Select Container

Some widgets can be difficult to select so you can use this option to select row or column to make it easier to edit the widget.


You can select “Copy” on a widget to place elsewhere on the site. For a row, you can select “Copy” and place it directly below.

The “Paste” option will appear if you have a widget/row already copied.

Hide On Device

This option allows you to hide content depending on the specific layout (mobile, tablet, desktop). You can select one or two devices that you want an element hidden on.

Any hidden widgets can be seen by clicking the Unhide button that will appear at the bottom of the left section.

Set As Anchor

This option lets you link visitors to this section of your page.


If you are comfortable with HTML or CSS, you can make changes to the code to further customize your site.


Select this option if you want to delete the widget from all devices.

Note: Widgets may look very different across the various layouts. Check each device to ensure you are happy with the results.

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