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In this document, we’ll cover the process of adding a new domain. You may use your own site domain, or the domain of a client’s site you’ve built. While adding the domain, you will choose the number of mailboxes (email accounts) you need – from 1 to 100.

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Adding a New Domain

  • Go to your email dashboard: click “My Email” from the options in the hamburger menu when logged into your Without Code account.
  • Click the “Add Email Domain” button in the top menu of the dashboard.
  • Enter the domain name. Do not add “www.”.
  • After running an availability check, you will then see the mailbox selection screen.
  • Mailboxes may be purchased in blocks of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. Pricing per mailbox decreases as the block size increases. Be sure to choose a package that will include all the mailboxes you will need. Additional mailboxes can be added, though bulk pricing will be best when purchased as a larger block instead of multiple smaller blocks.
  • Select a plan and click the “Select Plan” button.
  • A secure payment processing window will load, allowing you to purchase the mailbox plan. Subscriptions are annual.
  • After processing your payment, you will see a successful payment notification then be returned to the email dashboard.
  • The new domain will appear in your dashboard. Note: if you have several domains, the new domain may not be listed at the top of the page. Use the sort feature on the far right send of the dashboard to re-sort the domains if you like.
  • That’s it! The next step is to add mailboxes to your domain.


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