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Email: Adding a New Mailbox (Legacy Dashboard)

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In this document, we’ll cover the process of adding a new mailbox. This process will create a new email account with its own mail services, such as email address, inbox, etc.

Before adding mailboxes, you will need to add a domain. View our documentation for adding a domain.
To view our complete library of email documentation, click here.

Adding a New Mailbox

  • Select My Emails from the main menu (click the hamburger menu in the top right to access the main menu). This will bring you to your email dashboard.
  • On your email dashboard you will see your domains (active and inactive) along with any existing email accounts.
  • To add a new email account, click the Add Mailbox button.


Note: if you don’t see the Add Mailbox button, the section options for your domain may be collapsed. Click the expand button to expand the options for your domain. 

  • Fill out the form for the new mailbox, including the account name and password.
  • Select the mailbox type: Standard or Forward.
  • Click the Add Mailbox button at the bottom. Your new mailbox will be created and listed under your domain.
  • Repeat this process as needed for additional mail accounts.

Sending Access Details to Clients

  • After creating a new mailbox, you may need to send access details to your client. To do this, click on the gear icon next to the mailbox, and select “Send Access Details.”
  • A new window will appear with the content for an email message. Click the “Copy to Clipboard” button to copy the email content to your clipboard.
  • You may now create an email to your client and paste the content in your clipboard into your email. This information will allow your client to access the mailbox with webmail.

Accessing Webmail

  • To access webmail for a mailbox, click the “Open Webmail” button in the top menu of the email dashboard.
  • You will now need to sign into your webmail. The login information is the same as what was entered in the Add Mailbox pop-up window in the section above.
  • Once logged in, you will see your email inbox.
  • Your webmail has similar capabilities that you would find with an email service such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.
  • There are extensive options and settings available for your mailbox. Click the Help button in the webmail sidebar menu to access the webmail documentation. 

Accessing Email with Mail Clients (Outlook, Mac Mail, iPhone, etc)

You or your client may want to access their mailbox using a mail client such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows Mail, iPhone, Android or Thunderbird. Our documentation for setting up Email Clients provides the configuration settings needed to set up mail clients, and also offers downloadable unbranded PDF guides for setting up a variety of mail apps and devices – great for sending to clients!



To learn more about email services, check out our complete email walkthrough and tutorial:

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