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Email: Dashboard Overview

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In this document, we’ll look at the email dashboard. This document is intended to explain the functions and information found in the dashboard. For documentation on specific functions, see our other email docs.

To get to your email dashboard, select My Emails from the main menu (click the hamburger menu in the top right to access the main menu).

Top Menu

  • Search Email Domains: As you would expect, this searches your domains. This feature is useful for those with an extensive number of domains or mailboxes.
  • Add Email Domain: This button allows you to add a new domain. New mailboxes can then be created for the new domain.
  • Dropdown Menu: This menu offers several additional features, such as Sorting and Add Mailbox.

Domain Settings

Each domain has its own set of options available. In addition to editable options, we’ll cover status indicators as well.

Each domain has a top menu stating the name of the domain, in addition to several icons and indicators. Moving from left to right on the top menu bar:

  • Accounts Used/Available: Your email account will include a certain number of accounts based on your subscription. This indicator displays the number of accounts you’ve used (first number), and the number of accounts available (second number).

  • Domain Status: This indicates the subscription status of your account: active or inactive. Subscriptions are active for one year after purchase and renewed on an annual basis.

  • Domain Settings (gear icon): Clicking the gear icon will display additional options in a modal window. This window displays the settings of your domain, in addition to a few more options:
    — Suspend: This option suspends the email accounts for a domain. As an example, this can be used to suspend access due to non-payment.
    — Delete: This option deletes all email mailboxes associated with a domain.
  • Collapse/Expand: This option collapses or expands a domain. The collapsed state will hide all the mailboxes and options for a domain.

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