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FAQ Schema

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Adding schema makes the FAQ section on your site more discoverable by search engines and easier to find by potential site visitors.

Note: The FAQ Schema can currently only be enabled within the Accordion widget, not the FAQ/Accordion widget.



Schema markup is code which helps engines better understand your website. This code can lead to more informative results for users and as a result, potentially better search rankings for your site.

To learn more about schema, visit www.schema.org.


Enabling Schema in the Accordion Widget

As many Without Code sites use the Accordion widget to display FAQs, the FAQ Schema has been enabled within this widget. This FAQ Schema is designed specifically for this format.

To enable, open the Accordion widget options and under the Content tab, enable the “Enable FAQ Schema” toggle.


The FAQ information will now be eligible for display in search and for an action on Google Assistant, making it easier for potential visitors to connect with your site.

Once you’ve enabled this, publish your site and preview results in Google’s Rich Results test.

Note: Google supports one FAQ schema per page; if you have multiple Accordion widgets on one page, enable the one with the most representative content (the one you want visible to search engines).

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