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Floating Elements

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There are a number of widgets that offer a “Floating” option. When you enable floating, you allow the element to float on the page in a selected page position such as bottom right or top left.

For example, if you wanted to add a persistent button to your site with the text “Get a Quote”, you could enable the Floating option in the Button widget options to pin it to your site. This functionality is sometimes referred to as “pinned” elements.

The following widgets currently have the Floating option available:

  • Button
  • FX – Button Hover
  • FX – Button Line Hover
  • Icon
  • Shape
  • WhatsApp
  • Click to call
  • Click to email
  • Social Icons
  • Social Icons – Custom

To enable Floating on any of the widgets listed above, go to the Design tab in the widget options.

Enable Floating.

Use the Position setting to pin the widget element’s position on the page.

When the Show on this page only option is enabled, the element will be shown only on that page. When this option is disabled, it will show on all pages on the site.

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