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Use the Global Design section to make changes to your site as a whole. You can efficiently set text, buttons, images, rows, background, and layout styles for the entire site to save time and ensure consistency.

Note: when you set styling in the Global Text menu it changes ALL components on the site, but you can override the global style by making edits to individual elements. We suggest first setting up your global style and then customizing individual aspects of your site.

Simply select Design from the left section.


Global Text

Control the style of your text: font type, size, color, format, direction, and link options. As well, set heading and subheading styles.


Global Button

Control the style of your button widgets. You can set the style, including background, border type, and effects, as well as the text, including font style, size, and color.

Global Images

Control the style of images on your site by defining layout, border, rounded corners, and shadow effect.


Global Rows

Control the style of rows on your site; this includes background color, default row, and column spacing.

Site Background

Set a specific background color or image for either all pages or set the background per page.


Site Layout

Select a layout style for each device – desktop, tablet, mobile.

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