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Optimized images are critical for user experience, site speed, and ultimately search ranking. Unoptimized image will not only affect loading time, which can ultimately lower your site’s search ranking, but if they aren’t sized properly, they may also display improperly on certain devices.

Luckily, Without Code automatically optimizes and compresses images. So you never need to worry about image optimization; in fact, you should never compress an image before uploading it, as this will double compress the file.

We use several processes to ensure images are optimized in Architect:

Resizing for Optimization

The Without Code stock image library contains optimized images so any images you select from this library can be used on your site without concern for site speed. In addition, all images loaded into the site editor will be automatically resized for different devices to ensure that the appropriate image is show. For example, on your mobile site, a photo will automatically be delivered in a smaller format than your desktop version.

Maximum Image Reduction

Most images loaded into the site editor will undergo a process called “lossy compression.” This process reduces data size, scaling down the image size, but maintaining the effect on screen so that the image will appear the same to visitors.

Multiple Servers

The geographic location of your hosting server can have a big impact on the load speed of an image. Architect hosting includes a Global CDN (Content Deliver Network), which means that website assets are loaded from a server that is geographically close to the visitor.

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