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Import RSS Feeds Into Your Blog

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You can now import blogs on other platforms into your Without Code website blog. Posts will retain their layout, images, videos, author name and publish date. This new feature may be the difference in landing a client with a large blog that couldn’t have been imported previously.
Once you’ve imported posts into the Without Code builder, you can utilize the excellent blog tools for managing posts, designing layouts, and optimizing for SEO.


  • Click Blog in the side menu
  • Select Import Posts
  • Enter the RSS feed for the blog you’d like to import. Acquiring the RSS feed URL is usually easy. You may need to search for the proper technique of acquiring your particular blog’s feed. For example, WordPress RSS feeds are usually the blog’s domain with “/feed” added to the end.
  • Click the Import Posts button.
  • Your blog posts will now import.


  • 300 Posts: You may import up to 300 blog posts.
  • Be Patient: The import process can a few minutes for imports with large post counts. You may continue editing the site, but you cannot publish or republish the site until the import is complete.
  • Publish all posts, or one at a time: Once the import is complete, you can publish all the posts immediately, or review and publish them individually.

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