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You can add a customizable list to your widget to easily organize and show off content.

Simply enter the Widget tab and search for the List Widget.


Drag and drop this widget as desired; the content and design editor will appear.


You can choose the elements used for the list and then click the “Build your list” to begin adding items.


You can add new items and adjust the order by dragging the items. As well you can add descriptions and links by clicking on the item to open the “List Settings.” The text style and color can be edited from here.

Note: select the “Click here to change elements” if you want to adjust the element used for display (links or images).

Enter the design tab to select new layouts and customize the text for the titles, descriptions, images, links, and dividers. You can also adjust the frame and spacing from this tab.


Note: if you want to create a more complex list try the Restaurant Menu widget


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